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They consult together and begin a slow and mysterious dance. They notice Daphnis, bend down and dry his tears. They revive him and lead him toward the large rock, and invoke the god Pan. Gradually the form of the god is outlined. Daphnis prostrates himself in supplication. Voices are heard from off stage, at first very distant. A trumpet calls and the voices come nearer.

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There is a dull glimmer. The setting is the pirate camp on a very rugged seacoast, with the sea as the background. To the right and left is a view of large crags. A trireme is seen near the shore and there are cypresses present. Pirates are seen running to and fro carrying plunder. More and more torches are brought, which illuminate the scene. Bryaxis commands that the captive be brought. Bryaxis orders her to dance. She tries to flee, but she is brought back violently.

Despairing, she resumes her dance.

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Again she tries to escape but is brought back again. She abandons herself to despair, thinking of Daphnis. Bryaxis tries to carry her off.

Ravel Daphnis et Chloé - Suite No. 2

Although she beseeches, the leader carries her off triumphantly. Suddenly the atmosphere seems charged with strange elements. Various places are lit by invisible hands, and little flames flare up. Fantastic beings crawl or leap here and there, and satyrs appear from every side and surround the brigands.

The earth opens and the fearsome shadow of Pan is outlined on the hills in the background, making a threatening gesture. Everyone flees in horror. Morning at the grotto of the Nymphs. There is no sound but the murmur of rivulets produced by the dew that trickles from the rocks. Daphnis lies, still unconscious, at the entrance of the grotto.

Gradually the day breaks. The songs of birds are heard.

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Far off, a shepherd passes with his flock. Another shepherd crosses in the background. They discover Daphnis and wake him. She appears at last, surrounded by shepherdesses. His dream was a prophetic vision.

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The intervention of Pan is manifest. Daphnis as Pan appears and declares his love. The nymph rebuffs him. The god becomes more insistent. She disappears into the reeds. In despair, he picks several stalks to form a flute and plays a melancholy air. Before the altar of the Nymphs, he pledges his love, offering a sacrifice of two sheep. A group of girls enters dressed as bacchantes , shaking tambourines. A group of youths rushes on stage and the ballet ends with a bacchanale.

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  • In Richard Matheson's novella I Am Legend , the protagonist, Robert Neville listens to the suite after discovering the bacteria "vampirus. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Fokine ballet to Ravel's music. For the original story, see Daphnis and Chloe. Horn and trumpet offstage.

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    Wordless SATB choir offstage. The Musical Quarterly.

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    • MOG online music. This 20th-century orchestral masterpiece offers a rich musical setting of a pastoral Greek fable by Longus. Commissioned by Diaghilev for the Ballet Russes, the work premiered in Paris in The lush scoring dramatically displays the composer's genius for transmuting a traditional musical idiom into a fresh and stirring language of his own, ranging from audacious and driving to softly and hauntingly beautiful. Reproduced here from the original French edition, the score appears with rehearsal-numbered movements.

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