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Âme du Christ

Sunday School Lesson Ages 7 - Feeding the A lesson for younger children with discussion ideas and a project. Sunday School Lesson Ages 4 - 6. Feeding the Five Thousand This lesson discusses a story from the Word and suggests projects and activities for young children. Feeding the Five Thousand Bread Recipe Bake 5 small loaves of bread to enjoy with your family or students as you reflect on the miracle of the Lord feeding the five thousand.

Luc 11:1; Luc 11:11

Project Ages 4 - Get in the Boat and Go Spiritual tasks offer a reflection on a Biblical story and suggest a task for spiritual growth. Activity Ages over Jesus Walks on the Sea Lesson outline provides teaching ideas with questions for discussion, projects, and activities. The Lord and Peter on the Sea A lesson for younger children with discussion ideas and a project. Project Ages up to 6.

The Lord Feeding the Multitude Diorama Color the background scene, the figure of the Lord, and the boy carrying a basket of bread and fish. Cut out the figures of the Lord and the boy, and then assemble the diorama. Project Ages 7 - The Lord Walking on the Sea This project illustrates the disciples watching as Peter walks toward the Lord on the sea. Walking on the Sea Coloring Page Ages 7 - Walking on Water Cut a slit in the picture so that children can retell the story of Peter walking on water toward the Lord, sinking as he began to doubt the Lord's power to help him, and then being pulled to safety by the Lord.

Walking on Water This lesson discusses a story from the Word and suggests projects and activities for young children. We can sympathize with Peter, who in the flush of amazement goes onto the water himself, only to be struck with fear.

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And we can draw a clear spiritual message of trusting the Lord and believing in His power. References: The Apocalypse Explained [21]. But is that all there is? Did Jesus walk on water just to amaze the disciples and to amaze the reader?

"God the Father" translation into French

Or did it have some deeper meaning? According to the Writings, what the story illustrates the fact that the new church being launched by Jesus would bring spiritual life to the wide world, not just the narrow group of specific believers — and that the Lord works the same way in the world today.

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One of the key symbols here is the sea, which represents those in the outskirts of the church. They have some spiritual knowledge and a great deal of natural knowledge, all of it fluid and turbulent. Another is the ship, which represents the specific beliefs held by the disciples, their doctrine. They sail that ship, alone, into the turbulence of the beliefs of the outskirts of the church.

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So Jesus comes to them at dawn — which means the beginning of His new church — walking on the water. This shows that in His perfect love and goodness He brings life even to those in external beliefs. But Jesus reassures them, and Peter — who represents true ideas which spring from the desire for good — dares to walk on the water himself. For a moment, buoyed by the belief in Jesus, it works. True ideas based on the desire for good can work without the support of a specific doctrinal system, even in the hurly-burly of natural thinking.

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