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Explosive Fishing with Demon Prince Rean. You can buy Morimaru Plush for 2k medals in Arcade shop. There is also good accessory named Kitty Fie Plush which cost 20k medals. Up to you if you want to play mini-games to get it. But if you are playing on high difficulty accessory which make you immune to all statuses is more than worth all that time spent fishing.

Glorious potions here are also a thing to consider for stacking up. You need to have one of Kagemaru items. Visit cafe for the story. You'll automatically get Mr. Hama [1]. Visit marked dungeon and they're yours. Get back to school to give them to its owner. Giver: Mr. He will requests help from Sora. You need to go into any Eclipse Free one in Shopping Street, for example and make 10 powerful attacks and 10 flying attack. First ones are made by charged E, second ones by jumping and taping E in midair.

You can get them in dungeons randomly. But most likely you already have them with you. If not you can try exchange in Pawn Shop, fail cooking some recipes or chack battle info in NiAR to find Greeds which drop them in one of dungeons. Spartan Training Questgiver: Ms. Saki Reward: Gems, Courage points After getting into swimming pool you will be asked to help with training. Choose "Be Cool" to participate. This quest requires you to win twice in swimming mini-game do you remember ToCS?

You swim faster if you get more hits in the row. It's actually not very hard mini-game and it will allow you a lot of misses. If you lose you can Retry. You need to revisit Cave of the Fallen Dragon for this one. You need to bring her "Tyranny Wing". Just bring it back and quest will be done. She will give a sketch and a clue to find a girl. Do you want to find her yourself? I give you one more clue: check the map and find locations which are west from station there. It's a shrine maiden from Kokonoe Shrine, the one selling amulets.

Once More Into the Brooch He lost Chihiro's brooch, so we suggest to help with the search. Brooch will shine on one of the boats. Story time which will give you Armored Soldier [1]. Ruined Castle of Darkness. Time to be a star. Choose these answers: - Be Bold! Actually, you need to visit new Free dungeon to complete quest. You need to bring him Crimson Oil. Then talk with Tsubasa in Arcade at Houraichou.

He will chellenge you to get medals above the number you have at the moment of accepting this task. You can either buy them or play in games to win them. Then talk with Tsubasa again. To get missed item you need to check Temple of the Evil Mist. Don't forget to bring it back to her. After you've finished everything above head to Star Camera for the story. You will be able to visit one more optional dungeon: Temple of Twilight. Talk to her to start quest.

If you answer correctly you'll get bonus to Wisdom. In Search Of Go to Station Square and talk with Sergeant Takahashi. Next is Nemoto and Yaeko at Brick Alley. Then catch Morimiya Resident walking around. But talking isn't enough. You need to check Scarlet Labyrinth.

It's the one where you learned to use Mitsuki's barrier to run through poisonous clouds, so take her with you. It's a riddle-full quest, so if you want to try it yourself - go for it. Visit Kokonoe Shrine and check ema charms. Then go to the Candy Store on Shopping Street. Check the tree near entrance of the Grove. Summer Shilling.

Let's PR! You start it in the Enrance area of Acros Tower. Then go to the Pool. If you win you'll get bonus Courage too. Armor of Righterous Client: Mayu Reward: Gems, best armor for girls or boys, Mayu [4], access to best footwear crafting Talk with Mayu to get this hidden quest. She will ask you for 'Golden Element'. It could be received later in the Eclipses of this chapter. Quest will give you the best armor in game, but this armor is gender-specific.

Now is time for bonding trophies. You know, night before last battle is the best time to deal with your bonds But good news you can see all "last" friendship episodes as long as you have message card with the person. You will get a corresponding trophy for each of these events. Shiokawa [3] - Clubhouse Friends to meet: Towa - X. Futaba [2] here. Her episode will happen later and give trophy also a bit later, but you need to trigger it now.

You need 5 of each: mead, ambrosia, solar eggs, lunar mutton. If you don't have them you can get them from Pawn shop or running some Eclipses. Then ask guys in Houraichou to hear about Underpass. Talk with Nurse in Memorial Park to hear about hospital. Go to Underpass and after short fight you'd get Akira [3]. Same for Hospital for Wakabe [3]. Next stop is Abandoned Factory for Haruna [3]. Then visit Pawn Shop for first ingredient and go to Nanahoshi Mall to talk with Sadie to get second one. Then choose answers: - With a smile - Smile of relief - Seriously.

Check Station Square down of stairs. There will be Old Man to talk to. Talk to the family in Sky Lounge. Talk again and choose: - How has it been, after so long? The Show Must Go On! Visit Acros Tower to get into Theater. After that, return to Memorial Park. He's in the alley behind buildings. Visit Antique Store to talk with Yukino.

Go to the Grove in Memorial Park. You will be promted to call a friend for help. You need to find kids without balloons. Just don't forget bus stop and check all shops to find everyone. A Great Pumpkin Yanagi Reward: gem, Mr. Talk with him and call a friend. You need to visit other shops on the street to get staff - blacksmith, grocery and candy store.

Get back to Yanagi's to finish quest.

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  3. The Balance (The Eternal Dungeon, Volume 3): The Eternal Dungeon, #3!
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  5. Dirty Ground: The Tricky Space Between Sport and Combat.
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  7. Contribute.

I Sing the Brew Fest Electric! Hama Reward: gem, Mr. You can call one of the friends to help you here. Look at the mini-map to find spots where you will need to place posters. After you put them all return to Cafe. Nice Boat! Dance for Me, Morimaru! Shield encompasses a wider area than normal. Shield is smaller, but moves with your character. Skill can be used again to place the Shield in a new location. Pre-create your Pathfinder during the event period to receive tons of rewards starting on June 26th! Please note that you cannot fully play your pre-created Pathfinder until June 26th. Log in with a character Lv.

Open Job Advancement for the Pathfinder class is currently unavailable. Open to receive: Adventure Coin Coupon x : Untradeable, 7-day duration. Tortoise Pet Coupon : Untradeable, 7-day duration. Untradeable, day duration. Pathfinder Damage Skin : Untradeable, 7-day duration. Ancient Relic Coupon : Untradeable, 7-day duration. Adventure Label Ring Coupon : Untradeable, 7-day duration. Adventure Chat Ring Coupon : Untradeable, 7-day duration. Equip Tab 8 Slot Coupon : Untradeable, 7-day duration. Use Tab 8 Slot Coupon : Untradeable, 7-day duration.

Etc Tab 8 Slot Coupon : Untradeable, 7-day duration. Character Slot Expansion Coupon : Untradeable, 7-day duration. Strange sounds are coming from the secret forest.

Death Mask (The Three Lands) - The Three Lands

What can it possibly be? Help Anne and discover the secrets of Elodin! Rewards: Elodin Bird Dog : Medal. All Warrior Jobs [Weapon Aura] : The issue where the damage and attack count of aura wave was not affected by the damage of the skill used to activate, nor by the skills, or buffs that increased attack count, will be fixed. All Thief Jobs [Dark Sight] : Fixed the error of still getting the Abnormal Status from falling objects, when you dodge falling objects using Dark Sight inside skills that reduce damage taken.

All Explorer Warrior Jobs [Blitz Shield] : The issue where the protective shield could not be manually blown up when you moved channels after using the skill, will be fixed. All Explorer Thief Jobs [Sudden Raid] : Fixed the error of the blackout effect not properly displaying when the screen is zoomed out, such as in Ursus.

Cooldown gets reduced from seconds to seconds. The time it takes for the cross to enlarge gets reduced. Arch Mage Fire, Poison [Viral Slime] : Fixed the issue where the skill effect transparency setting from another character was not getting applied. Arch Mage Ice, Lightning [Blizzard] : Fixed the issue where Blizzard still fell on a single enemy even while it was not on a cooldown. Bishop [Heal] : Fixed the issue where final damage increase applied to nearby monsters after using the skill was being applied as damage increase.

When that party member returns near the caster, the previous effectiveness will be restored. You can tell the current state with the buff window icon and system message. Night Lord [Critical Throw] : There was a skill level where no changes were made to the stats even when you spent SP, so the critical rate was readjusted according to the skill level.

Max value remains the same. Fixed the error of Shadow Partner being applied to the additional direction's Throwing Star. Shadower [Shadow Veil] : Fixed the issue where damage did not get applied when the character was under incapacitated status such as transformation. Fixed the error of being able to use it while hanging on a stone wall. Fixed the error of the client occasionally quitting when you use it in certain locations. The additional hit from Blade Clone only applies 1 time. All Explorer Pirate [Octopush] : Action delay after jumping gets reduced.

Buccaneer [Nautilus] : Additional attacks will continuously occur during cooldown instead of having a separate duration. Corsair [Bullet Barrage] : Based on Lv. Mihile [Weightless Heart] : Action delay after jumping gets reduced. Blaze Wizard [Orbital Flame - Split Attack] : The skill description will get changed so that it is identical to the actual skill.

Fixed the issue where you couldn't move if got incapacitated such as transformation while using the skill. Pheonix Feather will be prepared even when you are dead. Wind Archer [Touch of the Wind] : Changed to a passive skill. Aran [Combat Step] : When using it mid-air, the action delay after jumping gets reduced. The additional hit from Swing Studies will only activate 1 time.

Fixed the error of Boss Damage boost not applying and skill voice not playing when used without commands. Evan [Hero's Will] : Casting action is removed. Mercedes [Glide Blast] : Action delay after jumping gets reduced, and movement range increases. Phantom [Judgment Draw] : UI can be moved with the mouse. Fixed the issue where client sometimes crashed when you used the Net Toss skill, and the issue where skill description was not properly visible when you used Barrel Roulette.

The actual cooldown applied will be displayed on the skill tooltip when you steal Heal. Shade [Close Call] : Fixed the issue where the buff icon remains at times even when the transferred character has removed the link. Attack count is increased from 1 to 3 times. Demon Slayer [Dark Winds] : Fixed the issue where the action delay diminishes after jumping, and direction could not be changed when using Glide immediately after using Rope Lift.

Demon Avenger [Dark Winds] : Fixed the issue where the action delay diminishes after jumping. Fixed the issue where direction could not be changed when using Glide immediately after using Rope Lift. If the monster it was supposed to attack disappears at the same time the skill activates, the shield does not disappear but seeks another monster around.

Fixed the error of it activating while using skills that are not Exceed skills. Blaster [Double Jump] : Action delay after jumping has been reduced. Fixed the error where the explosion attack does not get damage boost from Cannon Overdrive. Battle Mage [Dark Genesis] : Fixed the issue where it activates the thunder attack on a single enemy even while it was not on cooldown. Automatically moving closer to the characters are changed to a feature to re-summon when the skill is used again.

Max duration increase is applied for each attack. The issue of targeting monsters discerned as allies will be fixed. Xenon [Modal Shift] : Fixed the issue where the skill could be used in a state when it cannot be used. Fixed the issue where the prerequisite skill wasn't being applied. Fixed the error where you could not jump until the skill ends, if you input Mechanic Dash while holding the key down. The hit range during use is decreased to that of a normal character. Removed the max HP increase feature.

The max HP increase feature is removed. Fixed the issue where the Kaiser is not moved closer to the character when traveling a long distance at once on a large map. Angelic Buster [Feather Hop] : Action delay after jumping has been reduced. Zero [Burst Jump] : Action delay after jumping has been reduced. Attack count will be increased from 8 to 13 times. Attack count will be increased from 12 to 15 times.

Tag cannot be done while in use. Kinesis [Kinetic Step] : Moving distance has been increased to the right and left. Decreased upward. During the skill, Kinesis' theme background music is played. Reaction - Destruction will not come into contact with the crystalline spirit during cooldown. Reaction skill activated from the Crystalline Spirit will use a separate effect.

We have adjusted the Kishin Shoukan skill and applied buffs and fixes to correct the balance. Dawn Warrior is now named Akatsuki Warrior. Akatsuki Blossoms is now named Hero's Will. Mana Vein - Persist is now named Geomancy - Persist. Manaflow : When Mana is not full, automatically recovers 50 every 6 seconds. Return of the Five Planets : Return to Momijigaoka. Level 1: Permanently gain Insight Lv. Max Mana Veins: 3. Cooltime: 5 seconds. Shikigami Haunting : Use the power of the spirit walker skill to attack enemies in front.

Basic attack can be continued up to 3 hits and does not consume Mana. Mana Warp : Press directional key and skill key together to teleport horizontal and vertical distance. Level Horizontal Distance: , Vertical Distance: Ghost Yaksha deals damage once as soon as it appears and repeatedly uses its attack from its location facing the direction it was summoned to. When duration ends, it deals damage to and pulls monsters near it. Cooldown: 3 seconds. Mana Pulse : A buff that is automatically cast from Geomancy passive skill. Once created, the Mana Vein is maintained for 15 seconds.

List of Collection Items

Once Kanna leaves the field, all Mana Veins will disappear immediately. Has a change of tossing a devil-destroying talisman to burn enemies and slow them down. Shikigami Charm : Uses the spirit walker skill to focus Mana around the feet, flying backwards and creating a vortex. You can deal damage to monster within the path. Cooldown: 6 seconds.

Radiant Peacock : Brandish your fan in such a way that it resembles a peacock, increasing the attack speed of the fan. Level Increases the Attack Speed by 2 levels, Duration: seconds. Level Mana Cost: 50, Duration: seconds, Cooldown: 5 seconds. Foxfire : Barrier of fire made of foxfires absorbs damage and reflects damage back. Cooldown: 60 seconds. Breath of the Unseen : A buff that is always applied to Kanna while Haku is taking human form.

Number of party members are displayed on the buff icon. You can create 3 barriers at the same time. Lifeblood Ritual : Gains knowledge of a secret art that allows one to steal vitality from unclean souls while strengthening the body. Spirit Path : Sharpen your skills as a Spirit Walker, enhancing your power to subdue unclean beings. Yosuzume : Upon successful attacks with Spirit Walker skills, Shikigami Charms fly and attack together at a certain chance.

Soulsborne Cut Content ► 10 Hidden Secrets

Tengu Strike : Launch Tengus on either side of yourself to attack. Duration: 7 seconds. Cooldown: 1 second. Kishin Shoukan : Calls forth the demons Hana and Yuki, who attack any enemies trapped between them. Cooldown: 5 seconds. Mana Balance : Converts some of your vitality into positive and negatively charged energies, immediately recovering some of your Mana.

Wizards of the Coast

When the last third hit lands on a monster, you will immediately recover some Mana. Recover 5 Mana. Haku Perfected : Upgrades Haku Reborn. Haku can take human form longer and can use even more powerful Spirit Walker skills. Level Duration: seconds. Kasen : Increases the Mastery and Damage of fans.

Nightghost Guide : When attacking, a spirit appears at a fixed rate to deal damage to and curse enemies. Upon using the skill, you will additionally accumulate cumulative Mana consumption required to activate Shikigami Doppelganger. Accumulates 5 Mana for Shikigami Doppelganger activation.

Steam Community :: Guide :: Full Walkthrough + All Achievements

Bellflower Barrier : Use your power as Spirit Walker to create a Bellflower Barrier, strengthening yourself and your party members. Hold the key down for up to 4 seconds to use 5 Mana every second. Only activates when skill is off cooldown. Shikigami Doppelganger : Creates a large paper Shikigami that looks like Kanna. The paper shikigami receives Mana whenever Kanna uses Mana, and when it accumulates enough, it burns and attacks monsters nearby. Falling Sakura : Call forth a sakura tree to slam down in front of you. Binding Tempest : Throw a charm imbued with the power to seal demons at the enemies before you, temporarily turning them to stone and stunning them in place.

Hero's Will : By focusing your mind, you can ignore some abnormal status effects. Immune to abnormal status for 3 seconds after use. Level 5: Mana Cost: 5. Foxfire 2 : Barrier of fire made of foxfires absorbs damage and reflects damage back. Breath of the Unseen 2 : A buff that is always applied to Kanna while Haku is taking human form. Geomancy - Spread : Req. Vanquisher's Charm - Spread : Req. Bellflower Barrier - Boss Rush : Req. Blossom Barrier - Cooldown Cutter : Req.

Bellflower Barrier - Cooldown Cutter : Req. Vanquisher's Charm - Reinforce : Req. Geomancy - Persist : Req. Bellflower Barrier - Persist : Req. Active: Circle of Suppression : Req. Lv: Sets up a barrier that blocks and weakens evil beings around yourself. Ignores Attack Nullification and Attack Reflection.

Consumes Mana only when the skill is casted. Veritable Pandemonium : Req. Lv: Unleashes the powers of Ghost Yaksha Boss. Princess's Vow : Req. Lv: Recall the oath you swore to Princess Sakuno, granting you courage. Skill only applies to party members who are Sengoku Warriors.

Akatsuki Hero is being renamed Akatsuki Warrior. Akatsuki Blossoms is being renamed Hero's Will. Surging Blade : Knockback effects have been added to reduce losses in dealing damage. Now, 8 additional sword energy will be created when using skills related to Battoujutsu Advance.

Dankuusen : Attack range was increased to address the issue where aerial hits were not landing when linked with Shouryuusen skill. Whirlwind Cut : Adjusted tooltip. Skill can be used every 6 seconds during cooldown after Hitokiri Strike is used. Added navigation to all parts where character movement is required. Updated all summary information for the 'Quest in Progress' information window.

Changed structure of the town map to improve quest movement flow. Changed so that unnecessary portals will not show until they are necessary. Fixed so that required job quests are displayed in Maple Guide. Changed so that direction structure is more efficient. Changed so that equip items are manually equipped through quest. Fixed so that quests can be completed upon accepting. Item can be purchased as a coupon that gives durational skill equipment.

Fury Totem Coupon : Untradeable, day duration. Use to receive: Fury Totem : Untradeable, 2-hour duration. Nina says each of the Erda has its own beautiful, unique color. However, Nina is too injured to continue her investigation. You can help Nina by defeating monsters and solving puzzles! You can enter in parties of 1 to 3 players. There are a total of 2 stages. Stage 1: Collect Erda by defeating the monsters in the area.

In order to clear the stage, you must continuously hunt the monsters and repeatedly activate the reactor. Stage 2: Upon clearing Stage 1, you will be moved to one of these 2 maps. Vanishing: Continue to defeat enemies summoned. Maintain the monster count below a certain threshold within the time limit to clear the stage. Tranquility: Hunt monsters to collect Erda energy and use it to push Arma Jr. Continue to replenish the Erda energy and push Arma Jr. Rewards can be claimed once without playing when you have cleared Chu Chu Island and twice when you have cleared Lachelein. You can complete Erda Spectrum 3 times daily.

Fixing an issue where the 'Versus Chief Knights' quest didn't specify the boss difficulty in the quest description. Fixing an issue where the 'Do you even share, bro? Fixing an issue where the Maple News binding key wasn't functioning. Fixing an issue where the Onyx Maple Katara didn't appear correctly in characters' hands. Fixing an issue where the Vulpes map had an incorrect name in the world map. Fixing an issue where the 'Water Warrior' medal didn't display the proper art below players' names. Fixing an issue where Mr. Pickall's dialogue had grammar errors. Fixing an issue where the Daily Report count was cut off when reporting players.

Fixing an issue where the Winter Deer Swing Chair's description was inaccurate. Fixing an issue where the Dimensional Mirror UI would occasionally misplace the buttons when scrolling. Fixing an issue where the Iron Rabbit's set effect was named incorrectly. Fixing an issue where Abbes spelled Pantheon incorrectly as one of its travel locations. Fixing an issue where Ark's 'Unstoppable Impulse' would cause characters to go through the Dream Defender walls.

Fixing an issue where not all characters who sat on the Papulatus Clock Chair would get a random expression. Fixing an issue where Dream Defender Music Boxes would not respawn upon round completion. Fixing an issue where Retz was still part of the Ludibrium card set. Fixing an issue where right-clicking on a character's name in the chat didn't give a blacklist option. Fixing an issue where the Snowlit Hair Royal style would cause androids to snap in and out of the ground. Fixing an issue where Monad titles were missing stat information in their descriptions.

Fixing an issue where the Bottom Floor of the Clocktower was named incorrectly. Fixing an issue where long item names were not formatted correctly in the Auction House Wish List section. Fixing an issue where Hayato's 'Falcon's Honor' clone graphic lingered. Fixing an issue where the 'Meso Explosion' skill was dealing incorrect amounts of damage and had an incorrect damage type. Fixing an issue where NPC purchase fails would trigger an error message saying that the player doesn't enough Friendship points. Fixing an issue where Buccaneers and Corsairs couldn't acquire the 'Quest Power of the Spirit of Lighting' quest after completing their 5th Job Advancement.

Fixing an issue where Lucid's Pink Lasers would appear before the attack animation had completed. Fixing an issue where the Crimson Queen's text would appear during Monad's Caravan story. Fixing an issue where the 'Edea and Piston' quest had untranslated text within the quest description. Fixing an issue where Gloom was missing an attack animation. Fixing an issue where skipping the Luminous tutorial would result in missing 1 SP for their 1st job skills.

Fixing an issue where the Mystic Gate Researcher and Mystic Gate Master medals would not register in the player's medal collection. Fixing an issue where the Rocky Mountain Hunter had incorrect text in its description. Fixing an issue where pressing the attack key while on the Giant Monster Mount would cause rapid flickering. Fixing an issue where the 'Mr Wetbottom's Secret Book' quest had an incorrect name on the quest list for Mr. Fixing an issue where The Legends Return! Fixing an issue where Hayato and Kanna could not begin the 'Mr.

Wetbottom's Secret Book' quest. Fixing an issue where the dialogue for the 'Hero's Gladius' quest was outdated. Fixing an issue where the Cleric Sheep was not responding to pet commands on Reboot. Fixing an issue where the Bladed Falcon's Katana was placed incorrectly placed on characters' hands. Fixing an issue where some YouTube cinematic intros were not playing. Fixing an issue where defeating Normal Pierre and Chaos Pierre was not granting the achievement.

Fixing an issue where the Illumination Damage Skin critical effect wasn't positioned correctly. Fixing an issue where the 'Defense Expertise' description had a grammar error. Fixing an issue where the Mouse Monkey did not respond to certain commands. Fixing an issue where the Demon's intro tutorial had a typo in the cutscene. Fixing an issue where Luminous' tutorial cutscene had inaccurate dialogue. Fixing an issue where the Maple World Commerci Trade map was outdated.

Fixing an issue where the Xenon tutorial mentioned M-Forcers incorrectly during the cutscene. Fixing an issue where the 'Bellflower Barrier - Boss Rush' skill was not adding extra boss damage. Fixing an issue where the Beauty Salon tutorial quest wasn't available for Kinesis and Blaster. Kanna's skill 'Fortified Bellflower Barrier' is missing the percentage value in its buff tooltip. A few Hayato and Kanna Sengoku quests are missing navigation assistance when the player is asked to move locations.

In v, Legion Coins were merged per world within the account. R educed the required number of monsters to hunt and items to collect. Enhanced guide for quests. Added improved navigation for quests including immediate movement to destination upon accepting or added navigation. Reduced time to achieve Lv. Kritias Revamp Monster levels have been adjusted to Lv.

Invasion Entry and Exit methods changed to guide through the notifier on the left side of the screen. Reduced overall size of the hunting field and improved hunting efficiency. Vanishing Journey Quest Difficulty Reduced Reduced the required number of monsters to hunt for in story quests to approximately half. Scenario boss specification and reward have been adjusted.

Difficulty of the story quest has been adjusted. Specific quest can be selected and removed from the accepted quest list once, after which you can receive the new quest. Kritias: 5 quests. Dark World Tree: 5 quests. Additional reward will be given if all are completed. Haven: 4 quests. One special quest can also be done. Regardless of whether the daily quests have been completed or not prior to the update, you can progress with the changed method afterwards.

Weekly quests reset every Sunday. This does not affect entry and clear count. You must complete prerequisite quest to enter practice mode. In practice mode, you cannot complete relevant boss quests, register monster to Monster Collection, or receive EXP or rewards. You can enter practice mode 5 times daily regardless of the boss type.

Hard Hilla and Chaos Pink Bean are changed to weekly bosses You can now enter 1 time per day and clear 1 time per week. Their Intense Power Crystal sale price will be increased and rewards, like Occult Cubes, will drop more. Duration time of attack nullification and attack reflection will be decreased and cooldown will be increased. Chaos Pink Bean revive count has been greatly decreased. Ranmaru Changes Ranmaru has been changed to a daily boss.

You can enter 1 time per day regardless of the difficulty level. Time limit given upon boss defeat has been changed to 5 minutes. Fixed a bug where the motion of receiving damage was not working properly. Fixed bug of Rock Yaksha determination range. Princess No Change Princess No has been changed to a weekly boss. You can clear 1 time per week. Practice mode has been added. Minimum number of people that can enter has been changed to 1 person.

Time limit give upon boss defeat has been changed to 5 minutes. Reward distribution method and distribution table have been changed to monsters dropping them directly. Every time you use the Captivating Fragment 10 times, Chance Time is activated. Through Chance Time, you can obtain Lv. Travel to Mushroom Shrine The functionality of Spinel has been changed Function to move to Mushroom Shrine for mesos has been removed.

You can move to Mushroom Shrine through the Dimensional Mirror. Reboot World Changes Increased meso drop rates in Reboot world to be 6x what it is in non-Reboot worlds. New Gachapon Medal quests have been added for Reboot world. C urrent medals will be removed and replaced with the new versions without stats. Other Content Changes Mr.

Newname will always be displayed in town maps. Perry has been added to Momijigaoka to help players move around towns within Zipangu. L ab Server character names have been reset. We plan to change the Lab Server Legion Block names in future maintenance. Star Force Enhancement Star to Star success chance has been increased.

Reduced the number of Spell Traces required for Scroll Enhancement of weapons, armor, and gloves below Lv. Hyper Stats have been changed and modified. Level capacity for Hyper Stats have been expanded. Level capacity is expanded after completing 5th Job Advancement. Other stats, excluding the ones mentioned above, capacity expanded from 10 to Reinforced field tooltips When you hover your mouse cursor over the Star Force tooltip, you can check the applied damage ratio.

Reinforced field tooltips When you hover your mouse cursor over Arcane Force tooltip, you can check the applied damage ratio. Legion System Added starting conditions You can now use Legion when you meet one of the following two conditions: In the world, have more than 3 characters that are Lv. In the world, have at least 1 character that has completed the 5th Job Advancement. Preset System Expansion Legion preset is expanded to 5, and Presets 1 and 2 will be provided by default. Currently applied Legion Synergy Grid will be saved as Preset 1 after the update.

Presets 1 - 3 that were previously used will be moved to Presets 3 - 5. Display overlapping blocks If there are overlapping character blocks on the Legion Synergy Grid, overlapping parts will be displayed. Merge Legion Coins Legion Coins will be merged and used per world. Added new loading screens before entering the client. Upon using a damage skin, if the currently applied skin isn't saved to the damage skin inventory, "Change" will need to be entered in a text input window to prevent the damage skin from being deleted by mistake.

Key-down skills will be cancelled properly when an Abnormal Status is placed on characters in the Cygnus Boss fight. Made changes to alleviate client lag that would occur with certain PC environments. The starting level for the Transfer Hammer guide quest will be changed to Lv. The Transfer Hammer can still be used starting at Lv. Character slots have been increased from 46 to The game exit confirmation window will now mention the mini games that will begin soon. Skills that have their own effect, even when casted by another player, will follow the transparency settings of the player's own skill effect.

  • The French Academy;
  • The Balance;
  • Wespenflügel (German Edition).
  • This is limited to Boss monster maps. In regular fields, they will follow the skill effect transparency level of the character that cast the ability. However, these players can only obtain rewards aside from the Honor EXP. Speed restriction has been removed and movement skills can now be used in the Temple of Time Corridor and Black Mage's Temple during the Explorer quest line.

    The bulb quest notifier has been improved: Added a button where you can see only the quests for your level range. Added starting levels to some of the quests shown in the bulb quest notifier. Sorted the quest list by level in a descending order. The mute feature has been changed. When unmuting, the volume will now return to the level it was before muting. Even if you closed the client while using the mute feature, when you restart, it will be unmuted. If you are under a trade restriction due to logging in from a different IP than before, you will be restricted from purchasing products from Shop NPCs.

    In Ursus, there will now be a max height restriction where the character can move to. Changed so that the 'Re-acquiring Dr. De Lang's Notes' quest is repeatable. Changed so that equipped pets do not display when you enter the Advent of the Great Spirit map. Added a notification if you have no space for mesos upon completing the final Elodin story quest.

    Some bosses will have a re-entry cooldown of 30 minutes, shared across difficulty levels. The Damien and Lotus entry requirements have been changed so that if you have a character that cleared the entirety of Black Heaven and Heroes of Maple within the world, other characters within the world can now immediately enter boss fights against Lotus and Damien.

    When Aran uses Maha's Fury, the weapon will change to Maha immediately upon casting the skill instead of when the skill casting ends. Changed so that the Demon Avenger can use Demonic Blast in conjunction with other skills. Adventure Island is the place you are looking for! Meet Dantes, the legendary Explorer, and prove yourself as a true Explorer. You can earn up to 20, Adventure Points every day. Players start at the tier of Tenderfoot and can rank up their tiers through Scout, Pioneer, Guide, Trailblazer, and Bushmaster. Each Adventurer Tier unlocks at an appointed date.

    Players can upgrade their Adventurer Tier once a day.