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This invasion is immortalized in a ballad sung each year on the anniversary of the event. Oh, no! Izzy saw his shadow! Looks like six more weeks of winter! Six more weeks of winter! May these eight days of celebration bring the light of peace and joy to your family! Happy Mother's Day to all mothers, mothers-to-be, grandmothers, step-mothers, fur-mothers, foster mothers, aunts, sisters, all who nurture For each petal on the shamrock.

This brings a wish your way Good health, good luck, and happiness For today and every day. Late winter or early spring? I guess we'll find out! Her father attempted many times to find a suitable man whom Thera would accept in marriage. She was discouraged by her suitors' selfish attitudes. Camchyp has been added to the Dyzzleberry Dictionary. A device that reveals the location of Chico Quwattle who's been wrongly accused of blowing up buildings in Valympya's state capitol.

Chico is a Valympyon whose home was in Valympya. On this Memorial Day, the Izzy Story remembers and salutes our fallen heroes. We thank you for your service and sacrifice. Just a little reminder from 1 Condor To enter, copy the image below and enjoy creating your colored masterpiece. Then attach a jpeg of it to an email with your name.

Hurry, the due date is May 1, Below is a segment of Book 2 describing Dorf's dilemma. He kicked hard to free himself from the attacker and lost his balance, falling shoulder-first against shelves of carefully placed vials of cultures and other paraphernalia.

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Cultures, beakers, crucibles, and spot plates tumbled out hitting Dorf and crashing on the floor. His feet slid out from under him. He landed hard, sliding over liquid, blood, glass shards and feces. The security alarm sounded. Ignoring its blare, Dorf slowly lifted onto an elbow, avoiding glass and unknown substances. He studied his injury. Through the fibrous wrap covering his calf was a double puncture wound oozing blood, around which an egg-white-like mucous was forming. He watched the mucous absorb blood turning into a bright orange lump.

The viscous blob slid over the muscle of his calf onto the floor and began pulsating. Creepy, Dorf thought. He scanned the scene. How would he analyze it? Thousands of cells, bacterial, and viral cultures mixed randomly devoid of identification splattered everywhere. Determining which ones contributed to the pulsating mass would take months and months of analysis.

He eased himself from the slimy soup, avoiding contact with the glob that seemed to have a life of its own. He worried as he tapped his DB to deactivate the alarm and send a message to all employees. Ursula had a touch childhood. We've added to her biography to clarify some of her challenges.

Check out the picture below Don't be like him Let the good times roll! Happy Mardi Gras, Izzyites! The Chinese New Year is based on a Lunar calendar--that means every year, around the new moon closest to the beginning of spring, Chinese people ring in the beginning of a new annual cycle. People born in the Year of the Monkey are characterized as intelligent, witty, curious and playful. Other years of the monkey are , , , , , , and The groundhog says it will be an early spring!

Izzy is checking it out himself! Wonder if he'll see his shadow The authors have revised Gore Andriol's stuffed toy's identity to that of a rabbitile. That information is from a draft that has been revised. They've decided Gore's toy should represent an animal indigenous to Planet Authair, thus, Buster, the rabbitile. They are currently working on a description of the rabbitile soon to be published as an update.

Thank you for your patience. Tap here for more about Gore and to watch the video. Dorf rubbed his chin. It bobbed then turned; each turn creating more casing until a leathery shell remained un-moving on the artificial turf. Not worth hanging around now. If it shows signs of hatching contact me. Path me if heart rate and respiration increase. He'd a vaccine to develop. Phed had directed the new data into an ID app for determining species and was focused on the rapidly changing results as more of the creature emerged from the shell.

Its head now fully visible revealed cat-like ears. Between those was a mass of hair, matted like a wet mane, some clumps plastered over closed eyelids. It cocked its head rolling big blues toward the friendly greeting. Phed joined in. One leathery leg emerged. The fullness of its body squeezed out and squirmed free of the broken shell revealing a long tail. Fur ridged its back from wispy strands over its eyes to a thickness that crowned its head and ridged its back to the tip of its tail.

Way to Go buddy! In response, the tiny creature lifted on its hind legs using its tail to balance and looked quizzically from Dorf to Phed and back again. Phed scratched his head and looked at Dorf, "Chief, if he's going to stay alive I've got to find out what to feed him. May your day be filled with the magic and wonder of the season and the love and laughter of friends and family! Merry Izzymas to all, and to all a good night!! Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! Carys teaches us a little about her winter holiday from long ago. Who doesn't love a sparkling Christmas tree?

Thorf tells us a little about the history of the Christmas tree. Aristotle teaches us how to say "Merry Christmas" in Greek. There are lots of cultures that celebrate Christmas and each have different traditions. Professor Devons explains one from Britain. We've had a glitch in our update posting. Read a draft of book 2 at our WordPress blog. Phed's ability to pilot, drive, or paddle anything as fast as it can go, saves the day in an episode in Book 2.

Soon we'll be posting it. Stay tuned. Read how Mumba twists its meaning to get more blood beer. Each character has a video. Click on Characters on the home page. Choose a character you would like to know about by clicking on the name. You'll find the video below the character's brief description on that page. On Planet Authair it's the holomeet. Read about our new entry in the Dyzzleberry Dictionary.

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Award winning authors from around the United States and Canada received awards. All of our character videos have been temporarily removed for editing purposes. They're sure kids of all ages will agree. Hey Izzyites! Chalice created and painted them in Japan where she is teaching art. You can see it's place in the Izzy-verse timeline photo below. Check it out, Izzyites! The award recognizes book publishing excellence and creativity in design, content and production for North American authors and publishers! It is written in Danish, but well worth the purchase for the images and pictures alone.

Stop by and check us out. You'll even get to see excerpts from future episodes of The Izzy Story! Its history dates back to medieval times. Duayne is on site for catalysis consulting work. I spend the days at the keyboard in spite of the temptation to tour these unique environs. Only a mother's love can unite the most bitter of enemies to send good wishes and warm fuzzies to mother's everywhere!

Jeeves sends his best wishes, also. Unfortunately, Mumba Zola ordered him away to prepare his dinner, so he missed out on the photo shoot. Hey there, Izzyites! She could be your mother, grandmother, your cousin's mother, or your niece or nephew's mother. Just visit our Facebook page at www. Comment on the post by May 9th, , and tell us what makes the mother in your life special. The lucky mother will win a t-shirt color choices as pictured and she and her endorser will each win a book in the format of their choice, either Audio or Paperback! I recommend anyone checking out this fabulous educational opportunity.

There are courses of all disciplines available at the Open University. Enrollment is free. For a fee, once you have completed a course you can get a certificate of participation. No college credits are given either. There are no graded tests. Just a couple quizzes.

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Your assignments are interesting. What is the real excitement for me is the chance to hear from successful authors about their work. Some of this is done by video and some is the author's written comments. This Open University experience allows for students to talk to one another by posting under a student's profile. Eventually we will be critiquing each other's work. Thanks for the pic, ladies! Add update here You choose, audio, paperback or Kindle. Cimi doesn't really care if you check her out. We are working to repair the problem with our links on our Character pages.

We wanted to blame it on the Aurora Tornadoes, but that should only effect the Authairians, and the problem is with all of our characters. It must be an author's problem. It happened when we had our website updated last week. Soon we will have the links working. Thanks for being patient.

Have a great Easter week! Happy first day of spring, Izzyites!! Dorf Tzeus and Thera are taking advantage of this beautiful time! Patrick's Day! Stay tuned! On page 76 Alice Park writes about a blood protein GD Fascinating how science today is catching up with the geneticists who wanted more and more of Thorf's blood in CE.

Click here! See our newly posted video and information. Thanks for such sage advice and help throughout our preparation for this Kickstarter launch. Amazing Chalice Mitchell, found time to fit us in again on short notice. She's creating a colorful frame to decorate the Tuna Broccoli Treats recipe. It's cleverly displaying the gnarly thorn nectar. Don't worry. Honey makes a good substitute for us Earthlings! Of course you know the recipe will only be available to Kickstarter backers. Denisa Kuldova continues to wow us with her 3D art.

She's just created a trailer for a flight to Planet Authair soon to be released on our Kickstarter site. Buckle you seat belts backers!! We want to take a moment out of our frantic KS preparation and High Five our video production manager who continues to give us his expertise and valuable time to create our videos. His font of ideas continues to bubble over. We may come out of this campaign soaking wet, but we'll be laughing through it all.

Waiting for second Proof to arrive today. We both missed noticing an important omission on the spine of our edited copy. We're thankful we noticed it when we held the first proof book in our hands. Now for our loyal UPS driver to ring the doorbell! We've got the Proof Copy of both hardback and soft copy. Peter's informative tour yesterday gave us insite into the art and spirituality of the ancient Danish people. Imagine how a male character's skill in crafting the Sun Chariot could help our Authairians while on their Earthly mission, or how a female's artistry could liven up an episode or two.

We have a wealth of choices now. To see Peter in person, check our Facebook page www. We don't think anyone really was bothered by the misspelling, but we weren't going to let her get away with that!

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So here's the corrected version. Ursula warns you about her evil creations. What's an Izzyizum? Our characters are bursting with beliefs, or statements that guide their actions and we hope you can find one that speaks directly to you. You can watch the Authors do their best at explaining the character and then hear the characters for themselves. Let's start with Dee. You can hear snippits of each composition.

Steven A. We hope to have a sneak listen for you soon! Book 1, Encounters has completed a round of inspection for eBook publishing. Telemachus Press is guiding us through this process. We just learned about Espresso Book Machines! A way to make the reading experience less expensive and convenient for college students. We're hoping Roy Kelly's description of Planet Authair helps you understand its unique features. See Planet Authair orbiting between its suns, Olym and Valym. Morgan has begun to set up our Business Facebook Page properly. She's a wealth of knowledge, and if she doesn't know the answer to our questions will find out.

Welcome aboard Morgan. Thanks to Denisa Kuldova you can also see the unique orbit that Planet Authair travels in. Stay tuned for this exciting video launch!! Here is our cover for Book 1 Encounters. A shout out to Chalice Mitchell, illustrator! We've added several new names to our Acknowledgments Page and clarified other's contributions!

Please check it out! Kurl defends his life and honor. Howell has been added to our list of acknowledgments. He's a lot of fun to work with. He made it possible for Syd to make her audio debut in Chapter 4 The Blood. We're still prparing files for Roy on that audio chapter. Now you can see Cimi's newly upgraded DB or Dyzzleberry Communicator that has the power to beam up holographic real time images.

We've added some of our character's music that we'll be integrating into the Audio Books. Our story is full of so many adventures and character interactions that we've decided to present it in a sequence of BOOK formats. There will be at least five. It is our goal to have Book 1 available to you in a variety of formats. We've got an exciting team of skilled artists, editing, advising, writing original music, recording and animating, Yes, we plan to have printed, audio, and digital versions available for you.

Please stay tuned. Mumba Zola! Check out what he has to say! We've also added a hidden gem. Many thanks to Anna Fraser, Air Traffic Controller, for her professional advice with air to ground communications. Please see our Acknowledgments Page. Stay tuned!! Steven Gearhart is developing Dorf's voiceover for Thera's song. It's the part of the story when Dorf hears Thera for the first time. You can now hear Thera's longing for a lover on this YouTube.

You can hear what Illiachus and Ponce have to say.

EYE Doctor ! CHELSEA needs glasses! BARBIE is the Doctor

Just click on their Thumbnail and Scroll beneath their Character Sketch. We're developing an important addition to the beginning of our story. Izzy's on his way back from earth in Graviton 1 with the crew that managed to survive. He's come of age, as feline lizards do when they've been exposed to life, love, disaster and death. Izzy's asking Dorf some profoundly evocative questions. Just click on the link. We would like you to hear from each of our characters, so we have begun a search for voiceover talent to supply Youtube sound tracks of each character.

Please check back with us. Please stay tuned! In the photograph below you see a student today working in the same BU laboratory where Professor Geoffrey Devans, in our story, examined the Treasure that was uncovered at Stonehenge. Here's an interesting book about Stonehenge. Just read some of it at the library in Salisbury, England today. Check it out! His expertise is invaluable. Below each character's enlarged picture is a new caption that tells what chapter that character enters the story. Ursula found the perfect pair of shoes for her work aboard Ragnarock.

She has an evil plan that involves the stilettos! You can see two pictures of them and read her comments about them on her Facebook page. Here's the link to check learn about a discovery that Ursula von Menglebort claims was stolen from her by Earthlings. After reading the article, check out Ursula's Facebook page. Maybe you can convince her to stop! It took a part of us that we will never get back. Be kind, be compassionate, be loving.

If your grieving give yourself time, time to socialise, to love, to be present. When Izzy died I began writing our journey from the beginning. I love being deep, meaningful and honest with my content. So, why not write an actual book? A story of our journey? Allowing people to see the raw, gripping and intense journey with childhood cancer?

Today we returned and to say it was emotional is an understatement. We came back with hundreds of toys ready to be taken to the children in the oncology and haematology wards. So, today we walked away from GOSH knowing that sooooo many poorly children and their siblings will have big smiles on their faces this Christmas. You have all helped us spread love and happiness to so many children fighting for their lives and that we will never forget. God bless you all.

Doctors & Staff

We filled ten 1 ton builders sacks with toys. We still have more toys to collect this week before delivering them to Gosh on the 21st December. So we decided to make this his project and he will come with us to deliver the toys. This is what we have so far. Thank you all so so much again for the hundreds of toy … s you have donated. We will post videos and photos on Friday afternoon when delivering the toys. We cannot thank you all enough for your kindness. We have had so many asking if they can still donate so we decided to push the deadline to 17th December.

I look back at all the long days and lonely nights at the hospital where we wished so much we could just be a normal family. We would do anything to keep the kids smiling.


Sadly, Daniel also li … ves with memories of his sister being in hospital. He also unfortunately watched his sister unresponsive. We know how much it changes your life and what fears you live with daily. On Christmas Day we want those beautiful little children and their families to feel special and to have some joy in their hardest times. You are all helping us make this happen and we cannot thank you enough. Please please keep sharing and help us make some poorly kids smile this Christmas. If you could send your new toys for a child between by 17th December to;.

Myself and my husband will be making our first trip back to Gosh on 21st December to deliver the toys. We will post pictures on the day too. Thank you. Words and emotions will never ever describe well enough what immense joy, hope and love we had brought back into our lives with the birth of our newest member. We welcomed Gabriella Grace Darmoo into our family, a perfect tiny addition. The boys are very happy to have a little sister. Whilst in labour Gabriella turned sideways so the only option was to have a section!

I thought it was just so beautiful of them and had to share. Izzy sure did send us the most precious and perfect gift. We are beyond grateful to everyone who has already sent in a toy for our Christmas toy drive. We have been so overwhelmed by the response from everyone. You are all too kind. Anyone who wishes to send something in please do so by the 1st December! The last time we were there we left without our little girl.

Its a day we will never forget. We feel like this might be the right time to return with a van load of toys! Thank you all soo soo much! During our many stays at Great Ormond Street hospital. One of the saddest times was staying there over Christmas. We were not only in hospital but in isolation and separated as a family.

We never knew it was our last Christmas with Izzy. Frank and I spent beyond what we had to entertain Izzy in that room for 7 weeks. I would like to ask you all if you are willing to buy a toy for any age child from baby to 18 for the kids spending Christmas at gosh this year. Lego was always a great one for many.

Thank you and God bless. This was Izzy receiving my stem cells on 23rd December We only had two months to plan this event, but we are so touched by how many people turned up for Izzy. Those who have been compassionate and kind and have never left our side bearing the pain and heartache with us. That includes you guys. I pray to god no one ever knows the pain of watching your child fight cancer and worse of all watching your child die. This means the world to us. It reminds us that all this is worth it.

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who came and to those who donated especially izzys nurses and our fellow Gosh parents. We know we have smashed our fundraising goal so anything we get for charity now is a bonus. Watch this space Always do your best to give to charity. No matter how hard times have been in the past for us we have always given what we can and no matter what we have been through or are going through we have always put our own well-being aside to help others and support them.

Be kind, be understanding and be supportive because you may never know the struggles someone is dealing with in their life. God bless. Tomorrow evening is all about this little one and her little friends. Sometimes my sadness, passion and compassion consumes my emotions.

"Izzy Time" In Demand At Kids' Hospital - CBS News

We have had a fantastic response to tomorrows event and have sold lots of tickets already! There are still tickets left that you can buy at the door. We hope you will all come along if you can to help raise awareness and money for childhood cancer. It was just a moment ago we announced your birth with hearts full of joy.

Welcome to a New Adventure in Reading...... IZ~

A moment later we announced your death and were left with hearts forever broken. We are sending a dove to heaven with a parcel on its wings. Inside are a million kisses wrapped up in a million hugs to say how much we miss you and send you all our love.

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We hold you close within our hearts and there you will remain. To walk with us throughout our lives until we meet again. A video of izzys 3rd birthday. Her very last one with us. Just 11 months after this Izzy passed away. September is a special month.