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Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. All Languages. More filters. Sort order. R Peters rated it it was amazing Mar 30, Marisa rated it liked it May 31, Barbara Beasley rated it really liked it Jun 10, Yvonne Garback rated it it was amazing Jun 25, Ann Villanueva rated it it was amazing Apr 02, Angie Cain marked it as to-read Sep 12, Felicia marked it as to-read Oct 05, Abigail Needham marked it as to-read Nov 28, Meg marked it as to-read Apr 07, Rene Patterson marked it as to-read Jul 19, Virginia is currently reading it Jul 20, Whitney Hofstetter added it Aug 25, Bishakha Mookherjee added it Dec 09, Linda Buzard-Moffitt marked it as to-read Feb 10, Cheryl Neer marked it as to-read Apr 25, Janet Blanton marked it as to-read May 30, Amanda added it Jun 20, Tamara Frost marked it as to-read Oct 23, Rosslyn Elliott has done it again!

Elliott knows how to pull you into a story and keep you there and invested in each and every character. She has entwined fiction with history of the Hanby family that will keep you wanting to know the rest of the story. Sweeter than Morning is the story of Kate Winter who spends her time trying to please her mother and find an escape from her family problems, Kate has always been quiet and shy, when she comes across Ben Hanby, abolitionist with strong speaking and musical skills.

Lovelier Than Daylight (Saddler's Legacy Series #3)

An accident brings Ben and Kate together and leaves both questioning their futures and forces Kate to find the courage to speak up. Kate Winter is a diverse character that you will find yourself relating to her struggles throughout the story. I was provided this book complimentary from the publisher through Litfuse Publicity in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Enter today by clicking one of the icons below. But hurry, the giveaway ends at noon on February 28th. Rosslyn will be chatting with guests, sharing a sneak peek of the next book in the series, hosting a trivia contest, and more!

So grab your copy of Sweeter than Birdsong and join Rosslyn and friends on the evening of the 28th for an evening of fun. Hope to see you on the 28th! Johann Giere is heir to a successful German-American brewery in Columbus, but longs for a career in Susanna is a lady of principles who values family above all.

Lovelier than Daylight by Rosslyn Elliot is a well written story that was a neat mix of romance, intrigue, truth and fiction. It is the third book in the The Saddler Legacy Series, but it is not imperative that you read the other two first in order to enjoy this novel. The plot line was interesting and held my attention throughout. The plot started quickly, but then went into a lull as more background information was given about the situation and characters. However, after a few chapters I was captured by the storyline and the characters, and I read well into the night in order to finish the novel.

The plot contained a good mesh of themes such as love, overcoming prejudice, suspense, and intrigue. I was completely satisfied with the ending, and I enjoyed how the novel alternated between the perspective of Susanna and Johann. The characters were well developed, realistic, and captured my affection. Susanna was a character that had her share of both strengths and flaws. She started out extremely prejudiced against Johann and his trade, but the words of Johann, his family, and her aunt caused her to have a better understanding of what God can do with any business and any people.

Johann was a truly admirable character whom I really liked. He was kind, compassionate, gentle, and he trusted God and His leading even when he felt like his heart was leading him somewhere else. The supporting characters of Will and Ann Hanby were exceptional, and I was convicted over and over by their wise words.

I received this novel for free from Thomas Nelson Publishers and Booksneeze. Oct 13, Christian Fiction Addiction rated it it was amazing. On her way to college, Susanna Hanby stops to visit her sister Rachel and her 6 nieces and nephews, discovering that they have all disappeared.

When she learns that the children have been placed in orphanages, Susanna is heart-broken at the thought of her family being forever separated. In a quest to rescue the children, she finds herself joining forces with an unlikely ally, Johann, heir to a German-American brewery in Columbus, a man connected to the alcohol that Susanna despises. Meanwhile, J On her way to college, Susanna Hanby stops to visit her sister Rachel and her 6 nieces and nephews, discovering that they have all disappeared. Meanwhile, Johann longs to become a journalist and to capture the attention of a newspaper in New York, and so he finds himself returning over and over to Westerville, Ohio, the site of the Westerville Whiskey War of His desire for a story soon becomes replaced by a desire to win the affection of Susanna.

Can Susanna rescue her family and reconcile her beliefs with what her heart is telling her? Read "Lovelier than Daylight" to find out!

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I enjoyed returning to the characters featured in the Saddler's Legacy, especially to a story set against the fascinating backdrop of the Westerville Whiskey War. I've never before learned of this historical event, of the battle between a man trying to open a saloon and the community citizens set on maintaining temperance.

Rosslyn Elliott has perfectly captured the tension between a desire for righteousness being overcome by a zeal that puts those beliefs above the love that Jesus would show. Susanna is a wonderful character, a woman apt to speak her mind in her quest for truth and righteousness, and someone who finds herself sometimes rushing to judgments in her desire to protect the innocent.

Her faults are actually endearing and make her easy to relate to. I enjoyed watching the relationship between Susanna and Johann unfold so naturally as well. While I did grow a little impatient with some of Susanna's actions in regards to Johann, overall I quite enjoyed watching their friendship develop into a desire for more, despite seeming to have incompatible lifestyles. The dilemma of the children in the orphanages was truly heartbreaking, and I found myself frantically reading through their scenes especially to see how it would all work out. Be prepared to be entertained by interesting historical details and delightful characters that combine for an action-packed and dramatic read!

I award this book 4. Book has been provided courtesy of the publisher, Thomas Nelson, and the Booksneeze program, for the purposes of this unbiased review. Aug 02, Bookworm rated it it was amazing Shelves: historical-fiction , read , christian-fiction , booksneeze. Book 3 in this trilogy picks up in with the niece of book 1's couple.

Susanna arrives to attend college at Otterbein only to discover her sister's kids have been dropped off at orphanages and her sister has disappeared. Additionally a man is attempting to open a tavern in the dry town much to the ire of the temperance movement there. I loved that alcohol and temperance played such a big role here. I did think th 4.

Lovelier Than Daylight (Saddler's Legacy, #3) by Rosslyn Elliott

I did think that it leaned a little heavily on the extreme pro-temperance side since that is Susanna's belief and she is the main character ; keep in mind, that aligns with my own beliefs and even I thought it was a little extreme. But we also have a strong voice arguing for the allowance of alcohol in the person of Johann Giere, son of a brewer who is an aspiring journalist and whose feelings for Susanna put them in constant contact.

There are other voices on both sides but those are the most prominent. Another historical plot aspect was the power of journalism to effect social change. Although this isn't a major thread, newspaper stories provide important documentation about the battle over alcohol and other abuses. We're in a golden period of journalism here! Johann is a good man and their romance was so sweet. I've read the previous books and this was definitely my favorite romance. I loved the short courtship and the way that sharing their first names was such an intimate act.

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Although I'm a modern woman, I have idealized some of the old-fashioned mores and this romance was a great example of that. They both placed such value and caution on pursuing this relationship in contrast to some more casual treatments of relationships in some YA novels. However what really got me and lifted up this book was near the end when Susanna is challenged in her faith.

She realizes she was acting out of righteousness rather than with the love and mercy of Jesus. The example of her aunt Ann and uncle Will was pivotal in her recognition of this fact as were interactions with her sister and Johann. It moved me to tears and caused me to reflect-a great combination.

Overall: If you like these categories Christian historical , I would highly recommend this. I hope if you've read the other books, you also enjoy this one. This can be read as a standalone but I think the rich historical background of the others would add to your reading experience. Cover: I really like this cover-I think the pop of yellow makes this my favorite cover of the trilogy. Nov 15, Patricia Kemp Blackmon rated it it was amazing Shelves: historical-fiction , christian-fiction.

But her sister Rachel and Rachel's children are are are no where to be found. Rachel's drunkard husband said that Rachel had be unfaithful to him and that she gave her children to an orphanage. Susanna did not believe her sister would do such things. Rachel was a good mother and loved her children even during the harshest of times. Susanna was on a quest to first find the children and then to find their mothe In book three of The Saddler's Legacy series Susanna Hanby stops in to visit her sister. Susanna was on a quest to first find the children and then to find their mother.

She may even have to put off her life long dream of going to college in order to care for the children. She is living with her grandparents and hopes they will be able to help her in finding and caring for the children. Johann Giere is the heir to his family's brewery but he would much rather be a newspaper journalist. One day he meets Susanna and her grandfather on the train and when Susanna found out his family owned a brewery she was ready to take his head off.

She felt it was because of people like him that turned her brother-in-law to drink and therefore causing her sister to be missing and the children being thrown into an orphanage. Nothing would sway her opinion differently! The author brings The Saddler's Legacy ahead to the third generation of Handby's.

She creates Susanna as a headstrong woman moving into a new era fighting for the civil rights of women and children. There is a mystery to solve and a quest to conquer. Susanna's dragon to kill in this case is alcohol in any fashion. She blames it for all her families problems. The author came up with a lot of trickery that goes on in the characters attempt to get custody of the children. She puts her heroine in perilous situations while searching for the sister.

But of course there must be a hero to come to her rescue or shall we say for Susanna's sensibility, her sidekick. I highly recommend this book. I rated this book a 5 out of 5. Disclosure: I won a copy of this book in a giveaway on Lena Nelson Dooley's website. I was in no way compensated for this review. It is my honest opinion.

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  6. If you found this review helpful vote yes or no here. View 1 comment. Nov 05, Virginia Campbell rated it it was amazing Shelves: historical-romance , inspirational. Author Rosslyn Elliott continues to enthrall fans of inspirational historical romance with "Lovelier Than Daylight", the third entry in her "Saddler's Legacy" series. Once again returning to Westerville, Ohio and the Hanby family, the author blends real-life people and events with a compelling story line.

    When Susanna Hanby heads off to college in , she has no idea of the life-changing events which will soon come to pass.

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    Discovering that her sister Rachel has vanished, she is even more dist Author Rosslyn Elliott continues to enthrall fans of inspirational historical romance with "Lovelier Than Daylight", the third entry in her "Saddler's Legacy" series. Discovering that her sister Rachel has vanished, she is even more distraught to learn that Rachel's six children have been placed in orphanages. Rachel's alcoholic husband, George Leeds, has allowed all this to happen, and Susanna is determined to discover the truths he tries to hide.

    Johann Giere is rich, successful and the heir to a thriving German-American brewery in Columbus, Ohio. His family loyalty is conflicted by his desire for a career in journalism and his wish to head East to New York. Westerville is an important center for the temperance movement, and attempts to infuse the area with alcoholic beverages are met with angry rejection which erupts into escalating violence.

    As Johann begins his work as supplier to a new saloon in Westerville, he and the anti-alcohol Susanna often spar with each other.

    Lovelier Than Daylight, Saddler's Legacy Series #3

    Despite their obvious differences, an underlying attraction begins to grow. When Johann offers her a way to help Rachel's children, Susanna must look deep into her heart and open her mind to accept a new understanding of what has really occurred. Can she trust her heart and the safety of her family to Johann?

    Will the truth of Rachel's disappearance ever be revealed? The tumultuous events that actually took place in Westerville, Ohio were called "The Whiskey War", and Rosslyn Elliott has brought to light a fascinating period in American history. I highly recommend the "Saddler's Legacy" series for those who love history, romance, and inspiring human stories. Oct 17, Ibjoy Hannabass rated it it was amazing. It sounds unheard of for someone to open up a saloon, only to have the townspeople blow it up with gunpowder. I am really glad to read this book, and the interesting historical information in this Ohio town in And Suzanna Hanby is sure not someone to stand by and let this happen without speaking her peace about it.

    I was happy to read the first two books in this series, so I jumped at reading Lovelier Than Daylight as well. And I thoroughly enjoyed this interesting and entertaining story, as well as being able to visit the characters from the other books. I love Susanna, she is feisty, and will not let anyone run over her that is for sure. He devastating news that her nieces and nephews are now in orphanages sends her on a mission to rescue them from this life they are now living.

    But as the story unfolds, and these two spend time together, an unexpected attraction builds between them, causing just too much tension. Rosslyn Elliott has created unique and believable characters that well develop throughout the story. A lot happens in this story, with twists and turns that kept my eyes glued to the pages, although some parts of the story is heartbreaking and difficult to read, especially in the orphanages and the situations the kids had to endure. This is an awesome read, one I highly recommend.

    One that will sure not disappoint. Why not pick up your copy today to read and enjoy. A copy of this book was provided by Thomas Nelsom through their blogging program Booksneeze. I was not required or expected to write a positive review. The opinions in this review are mine only. Oct 30, Marianne rated it it was amazing.

    Lovelier Than Daylight This novel is actually an easier read than some that I have just reviewed.

    Lovelier than Daylight A Saddler's Legacy Novel

    The prose is so beautiful, you can feel the dry heat so it's great to read this one while the winter winds are howling around the house , hear the explosion of the gun powder, smell the rain when it comes. Although it is a historical novel, the issues Rosslyn deals with are not time sensitive and are alive and well in today's society. I grew up near a 'dry town' yes, there is still no liquor store Lovelier Than Daylight This novel is actually an easier read than some that I have just reviewed.

    I grew up near a 'dry town' yes, there is still no liquor store there, nor do the restaurants serve it but I do not know if there were any disagreements or riots associated with the ruling. The town was founded by the leaders of two religious groups, but being 'dry' did in no way mean the there were no imbibers.

    I indentified too closely with Susanna Hanby in my attitudes In this novel, Suzanne and through her, you as a reader learns to identify that position and with help from friends and family around her to deal with it in a healthy way. This is actually the third book in the Saddler's Legacy, but since I have not read the others, this one can obviously stand alone. I definetly want to go back and read the others, though.

    I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers through their Booksneeze program for the purpose of review. I was not required to give a positive critique, and the opinions stated are my own. Nov 20, Lilibet King rated it it was amazing. History comes alive in Lovelier than Daylight by Rosslyn Elliott. The story is set in Westerville, Ohio during the Whiskey Wars of Susanna Hanby is searching for her nieces and nephews.

    Her sister Rachel has disappeared after giving the children to an orphanage in Columbus. Susanna and her uncle Will Hanby are in favor of keeping Westerville a dry town in part because of George and others like him. But Henry Corbin plans to open a saloon in Westerville, and has Johann Giera, son of a Columbus brewery owner, helping him bring in the lager.

    When Johann and Susanna cross paths, sparks are sure to fly. Rosslyn Elliott brings the Westerville Whiskey Wars to life, blending fictional and historical characters to weave a delightful story. Without taking sides, she shows the emotions that eventually led to the 18th amendment to the US constitution. Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze book review bloggers program. Oct 22, Sofia added it Shelves: favorites , owned-books.